Massage Camberwell, Heidelberg and Reservoir Provides Pampering for Body and Mind

sports1Camberwell, Australia – Feb. 7, 2016 – Total Physiocare offers therapeutic massage Camberwell to relieve pain, alleviate stress and address depression. High pressure jobs, increasing workloads and family responsibilities are all elements that result in a variety of physical symptoms that can be alleviated with massage therapy.

At Total Physiocare, individuals can also choose to receive massage therapy Heidelberg or at Reservoir for relaxation, pain relief, rehabilitation and to treat conditions that include seasonal affective disorder (SAD) and arthritis. The technique is beneficial for those with scar tissue and for individuals who want to improve sports performance.

Massage therapy increases circulation to the part of the body being treated to facilitate healing and the removal of toxins. Therapeutic massage lowers blood pressure and stress levels, relieves migraines and stress-induced headaches, and offers an effective alternative to prescription medications. Different types of massage therapy are available to address the specific needs of the patient.

The method is effective for relieving inflammation that causes swelling and pain prevalent in arthritis and neurological conditions. It helps manage pain and restore movement in current injuries and previous injuries with lingering effects. Massage improves flexibility, mobility, and lessens the risk of injuries.

Stress, anxiety and depression can have very real physical symptoms and consequences that impacts physical fitness, health, and can increase the risk of injury. The clinics’ physiotherapists provide massage therapy to address autoimmune diseases, digestive issues and TMJ pain. It stimulates easier breathing for those with lung conditions, helps with posture problems, and is beneficial for those with diabetes.

People of all ages are utilizing the healing effects of massage therapy to alleviate the pain and fatigue associated with cancer, neurologic effects of Parkinson’s disease, and repetitive movement injuries. The body releases endorphins during therapeutic massage that improves mood, relieves anxiety and is effective for managing pain. Massage therapy has a strong physical and psychological component that elevates mood and provides anyone with the means to pamper themselves.

Massage can be used as a stand-alone therapy at Camberwell, Heidelberg and Reservoir or combined with the clinics’ dry needling, cupping and trigger point therapy. Physiotherapists provide remedial, sports, relaxation and deep tissue massage for mental and physical fitness.


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Total Physiocare was established in 2002 and is committed to providing quality physiotherapy service to the communities it serves. The practice has offices in Camberwell, Heidelberg, Reservoir and Footscray for patient convenience. The clinic maintains a presence on Facebook, Twitter and Google +.


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